These are my current screens with some details about each.


As you know, Home Assistant is a rabbit hole, a time sink. So I've added more components which means I need to update the screens.

Home The Living room part of my Home dashboard.

Frigate I'd been using MotionEye for quite a while but the frame rate was really poor. I was using a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD card then, but even when I switch to my NUC the frame rates were below 1 fps, steadily, on all cameras, all pluged in and on WiFi 6 mesh hardware. I decided that, with the new hardware, I'd use Frigate for object detection and streaming video.

I am still setting up object detection, as that is going to take a little fiddling.

Stats Random stats about my Home Assistant instance and automations. I soon plan on setting up InfluxDB, Glances, and Grafana but that is for another time.

Media My second pride and joy, my home theater room dashboard. Still working on it, but it has all my gaming, TV, and music related interests on it.

I am working on setting up Tautulli for managing my Plex server. I am also thinking about migrating the server to dedicated hardware and not on my Mac Mini.

Cat watch The old girl loves to explore but there is no way for her to safely hide when someone comes in. I use this to let me know where she is at all times. I love that middle-aged cat and am hoping to ride off into the sunset with her. I don't want her to get out as she's skittish and would never make it.

Energy Seeing as I am only a renter of this townhouse, I can't really put any devices on the meter to monitor my energy usage but what I can do is use smart plugs and devices that natively monitor energy usage.

Kiosk This kiosk is in progress, but I'm going to mount it in the hallway so that when I walk in, I can monitor the cameras throughout the house and disarm the alarm. When I leave I can also start/stop a vacuum session as well.